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We Kill All Bed Bugs and Eggs in 8 Hours or Less Guaranteed

As the best Denver bed bug exterminators, we start every job with a thorough and extensive examination to determine the nature and magnitude of the bed bug infestation we’re dealing with. We realize that each situation is different and requires a detailed and experienced approach for each particular case of bed bugs. Our approach to treating bed bugs in Denver and surrounding areas has helped us become regarded as the most professional bed bug exterminator team in Colorado. We use heat to kill all bed bugs and eggs, penetrating into all the many places bed bugs can hide. Our thermal heat treatments are proven to be the safest and most effective method in eradicating bed bugs. We treat all areas of your home and living space without damaging anything during treatment. Our methods are very cost effective because we can treat your home with one treatment an in one day.


Our service technicians are highly trained and skilled professionals providing the best bed bug heat treatment service in Denver. Treating bed bugs is all we do!


We know that dealing with bed bugs for months is no fun. We often get called after other companies have treated for bed bugs and failed. We make sure you are bed bug free in 1 day. We want to be your 1st choice not your last option.


With over 15 years experience using heat treatments to kill bed bugs, we have the most successful proven method in Colorado. Thermal remediation is safe and highly effective.

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Step 1

Our service techs arrive, and setup our heaters at your structure.

Step 2

We add high-velocity thermal air moving equipment that safely and evenly distributes heat throughout the structure. This ensures that we maintain a safe operating temperature, while pushing heat to all the hard-to-reach areas and places that bed bugs like to hide, like mattresses, walls, baseboards, etc…

Step 3

We place wireless temperature monitors to ensure we reach the proper temperature for the right amount of time to kill all bed bugs and eggs. While this is happening, we will also be adjusting furniture, bedding, clothing and more, to make sure everything is heated properly, and nothing gets missed.

Step 4

As the cooling process begins, we return your furniture and mattresses back to their original positions. We do our best to return everything as it was, but some items may not be exactly how you left them.

Step 5

And Last and most important, your home is now bed bug free! While our heat treatment methods are extremely successful if you suspect or experience any further bed bug issues call us immediately for a free re-inspection!

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